At Biggs and Read we supply and fit Ambiente underfloor heating components which come with a lifetime guarantee on pipework. Just submit your project drawings and we’ll take care of the design and specification.

Underfloor heating works by heating the floor structure via the use of water pipe ran from manifolds. Due to the efficient way that the heat is distributed around the floor the water flowing round the loops does not have to be as hot as conventional radiators of 75°C.

underfloor heating specialistsMost underfloor heating systems will run at between 25 and 35°C. This is because most of the heat is dispersed via conduction as well as convection. The radiant heat warms the fabrics of the house and gives the rooms a more comfortable feel as opposed to radiators which cycle on and off to give off heat quickly but then loses it as quick as the heat is absorbed by the fabrics of the house, usually the roof.

The following gallery shows some examples of underfloor heating that Biggs & Read have installed.

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As well as Underfloor Heating Biggs & Read offer many Renewable alternatives you may wish to consider, such as Biomass Boilers and Solar Thermal.


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